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About Us

Refine Health is dedicated to promoting health and wellness to individuals 18 years old and older. With over 25 years of medical experience serving our community’s healthcare needs, in 2020, Refine Health was formed to provide personalized care for individuals in the Tampa Bay Area. Now, as a board-certified Nurse Practitioner, Refine Health has opened its doors to the community – a better way to practice care!

Medical Weight Loss

At Refine Health, we are dedicated to making things as simple as possible. Who wants to deal with overly complicated processes and programs? That’s why we break down our medical weight loss service into 4 simple phases.

Mental Health Services

Feeling sad, worthless, uneasy, having difficulty concentrating, over obsessing, worrying too much or not  sleeping? All can be indications of a mental disorder…good news You don’t have to suffer alone!” Schedule a visit with our board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner today!”

IV Vitamin Therapy

At Refine Health, we want to make sure you’re taking all the right steps in your overall health journey. That is why we’ve included IV Vitamin Therapy options such as basic hydration, myer’s cocktail, the quencher, and more! Take a look at our available IV Vitamin Therapy options below and schedule a visit to get started.

Body Sculpting

 Do you want to get rid of stubborn fat, shrink unwanted fat cells, reduce body circumference, cellulite, stretch marks along with tightening loose and sagging skin? Body contouring services may be right for you!

What Our Customers Have to Say

I wish I could give Krista a galaxy of stars, but Google maxes out at 5. Her knowledge of cell structure, how the vitamins are used and broken down, repairing and restoring the body and mind is just astounding! After my first visit, I made an appointment for my husband to see her the following day! He also enjoyed his visit and learning from her. She will not push products that are not needed. She takes her time to customize and recommends what’s going to be beneficial to your specific needs/health. Although my husband and I have only had 1 visit with Krista, we have scheduled future appointments and we look forward to working with her to be the best version of ourselves.

Jo Lucas | Google Review


I’m so glad my sister told me about Refine Heath. My first IV experience was just amazing. Krista was great, she made us feel very comfortable during the whole process and treated us with such wonderful care and professionalism. I’m feeling great after my energy booster IV. I’m definitely going back.

Marleen Feliciano | Google Review 


I am extremely impressed with Krista’s professionalism, knowledge in the business and bedside manner. She’s kind and takes time explaining the best treatment options for you. I strongly recommend you make an appointment for an assessment and start the new year with great health!

Ivelisse Fontanez | Google Review


I had an IV with some add on goodies and a multi vitamin shot in the arm. Great stuff. Would be good to do once every week for a constant flow of vitamins into my system. Pills are not the best to get your vitamins…IVs and shots into the muscles are, as they absorb in to you system better. Refine Health is a great place to get an IV. It’s clean, quiet, and comfortable. The staff and owner are very nice and informative. I’ll be coming in at least once a month. A big thankyou to the staff and owner. Best wishes to all and have a happy healthy life. 🙂

Joe Spinoso | Google Review 


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