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Weight Loss

Say goodbye to the crash diet concept and explore a program that is geared toward long-term changes and positive effects on your overall health. Our medically guided weight loss program focuses on helping you make better nutritional choices, so you can trim down your unnecessary fats and maintain a healthier weight in the long run. Our program is individualized and tailored to ensure your weight loss goal is achieved safely and efficiently.
The first step of our weight loss process is to perform a body composition test which looks at your overall percentage of fat compared to body height and weight. Body composition analysis can accurately show changes in fat mass, lean muscle mass, and body fat percentage. This examination will tell us if and by how much we need to improve our body mass score. The body composition test is the first crucial step to understanding how weight affects our physical wellbeing and exactly how much weight we might need to lose.

Refine Health Has Worked With Countless Patients to Reach Their Weight Loss Goals

At Refine Health I received the guidance I needed for successful weight loss. Krista has a heart for those
who want to work the program, no matter the treatment she has you on. Encouraging office staff as well.
I have lost 40 pounds in a year while going through 4 surgeries so my exercise was limited and I still lost
weight while I was recovering. My goal is to lose 20 more pounds. Main three things portion control,
water, exercise and Refine Health!

Initial Consultation

Our weight loss services consist of an initial consultation which includes: History & physical assessment, lab work, BMI/Body composition analysis with mobile app, goal setting, exercise, and nutritional counseling. Together we will discuss weight loss prescribed medication options.

Follow Up

Weekly or Monthly visits will includes: Oral and/or injectable medications, oral and/or injectable vitamin supplements, follow up visits, periodic lab work, body composition analysis with mobile app, goal setting, exercise, and nutritional counseling.

Prescribed Medication

Injectable: Semaglutide, Lirgatude, & Tirzepatide
Pills: Phentermine, Naltrexone, Bupropion & others


Package pricing vary, starting at $225/month
*Price does not include food

Weight Loss Medications


Is a GLP-1 receptor agonists – Glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists which is a modified molecule our bodies make.Semaglutide (Ozempic) is used in the treatment of diabetes and in June 2021 Semaglutide (Wegovy) was FDA approved for weight loss.  It works by targeting areas in the brain that regulate appetite and food intake by increasing insulin release in response to a meal and slowing digestion. Semaglutide is injected once weekly. In studies evaluating the use of this medication along with lifestyle changes, people lost up to 10 to 16 percent of their body weight. 


Phentermine is a safe and effective weight loss pill which has FDA approval since 1959. Although it’s a controlled substance, it’s safe, effective and the most commonly prescribed weight loss drug. Phentermine is taken once or twice daily. The weight loss is due to marked decrease in appetite and feeling of satiety. In trials ranging from 12 to 36 weeks, patients taking phentermine lost an average of approximately 15 to 17 pounds. 


Bupropion is a medicine that is used to treat depression and to prevent weight gain in people who are trying to quit smoking. Naltrexone is a drug used to treat alcohol and drug dependence. Approved in 2014, this combination of medications reduces hunger and cravings. This combination capsule can be taken twice a day. People taking combination bupropion-naltrexone (brand name: Contrave) lost approximately 5 to 6 percent of their initial body weight after one year.


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Injection Therapy

We offer a variety of lipotropic (fat-burning) injections that help with the breakdown of fat and enhances metabolism in the body.

Increased energy, muscle building and decreasing inflammation is just some of the benefits they provide.

They are available in a variety of formulations: B12, MICC, Lipo-Mino, Ultraburn! Other available injectables include: Biotin Taurine, Tri-Immune Boost, Toradol, Zofran and Pepcid.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy (RLT) is a process of releasing light wavelengths through the skin to stimulate your body’s natural healing and regeneration processes.

RLT is known to improve skin health, reduce inflammation, reduce pain, lessen muscle recovery time, promote cellular health, additionally, improve mood and sleep along with other evolving conditions.

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